Timeline of Pasta and Spaghetti

  • 1st century BC – First appearance of pasta in historical documents was found in the writings of the Roman lyric poet Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus). He described cooks ability to create fine sheets of dough called lagana, which were fried and served as an everyday food.
  • 5th century AD – By 5th century, recipe for lagana was found in many old cookbooks, with description how to create layered food stuffed with meat. This food represented ancestor to the modern day lasagna.
  • 12th century – First historical record of Spaghetti production in Sicily. This was recorded by famous Muslim historian and geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi, who served at the court of Sicilian King Roger II.
  • 14th and 15th century – Production of pasta across Italy became commonplace. This was caused by the ability of people to reliably store pasta product for a longer time periods (dried food for the sailors during Age of Sail).
Pasta Spaghetti with Italian Sauce
  • 16th century – Pasta was present on the all ships that sailed from Europe and reached the New World, explored South Africa and more.
  • 18th century – Late 18th century was very important time in the history of pasta and spaghetti. It was then that tomato juice was first invented.
  • 1870 – First modern writing of spaghetti and tomato juice ware recorded in the 1790 cookbook “L'Apicio Moderno” by Italian chef Francesco Leonardi.
  • Early 19th century – Popular of Sicilian delicacy Spaghetti became well known in entire Italy. Arrival of industry and pasta factories enabled it spreading all across Mediterranean.
  • Late 19th century – Spaghetti arrived in United States, where they were initially served in Italian restaurants who were visited by European immigrants.
  • Early 20th century – American spaghetti started being served in their modern form, prepared with oregano or basil.
  • Mid-20th century – Popularity of spaghetti soared in the US after canned pasta products started being sold. Ever since then spaghetti became spaghetti of the North American diet.
Pasta Spaghetti with Italian Sauce
Spaghetti Pasta and Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti Pasta with Seafood