Picture - Spaghetti at the Table

Spaghetti at the Table

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Precursor to Spaghetti

History of spaghetti reaches back to the 800 years of our modern history, and ever since then, its popularity grew, and grew, until this fantastic meal managed to fascinate entire population of our planet. Find out more about history of spaghetti here.

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Timeline of Pasta

Journey of spaghetti through our history was a long and interesting one. Here you can read detailed timeline of all events that happened around it, and how they managed to impact our modern cuisine and diet.

History of Pasta

Pasta is a staple of the traditional Italian cuisine, and as such it has managed to have significant impact on our modern diet and the way we consume food, both light and heavy. Here you can find out all the most important things about its history and how it managed to become so popular today.